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Australia 2007

Photos from the three shows the band played in Melbourne Australia, Sept 2007.

Cagnes Sur Mur France

Photos from Cagnes Sur Mur - July 2005

Dauphin 2005

Photos from Dauphin Countryfest 2005

Dauphin 2014

Photos from Dauphin Countryfest 2014

FMB & Friends 2018

FMB 25th Anniversary

Geneva Switzerland 2017

Lyon France

Taken from the Rail Theatre in Lyon France - June of 2002

Mirande France

Mirande France - August 2004

Raceway Bar & Grill /
Maricopa AZ

St. Patricks Day at the Raceway Bar & Grill


Geneva Switzerland 2004 & 2006

Terrassa Spain

The Banjo Festival in Terrassa Spain (Barcelona) - August 2004

The Nashville Honky Tonk

Terrassa Spain

What A Party - CD Release

June 22nd 2008 - Jaguars Night Club, Club Regent Casino.