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Bruce Boylan
Imported from old site

I really enjoyed you guys at Big Valley in 2000. Hope to see your group around here again soon.
Edmonton   alberta   Canada


Anne Wiselka
Imported from old site

Hi!I think it was Lyle I spoke to just before Christmas. I ordered all of your CD's for my friend Justin who is 21has his own band and is already very good. His parents were killed in a car accident just before Christmas last year and he was at my house for Christmas so he was thrilled to have the rest of your CD's. I just wanted to thank you so much for the cool notes and words of encouragement you added to his CDs and bio. He was really pleased! Glad I got them for myselftoo. Thank you so much!! Loved 'Stay out of the Rain'!
Athabasca AB   Alberta   Canada


Glen T.
Imported from old site

Think your group is great. Picked up your Moonshine N' Moonlight cd at Countryfest 2001. Can't listen to it enough. Keep up the great work.
Melville   Sask.   Canada


Daniel Strubhar
Imported from old site

I have rarely listened to a song in which the words and music went together SO well as in the song "Those Words". The music so drives the point of the song home and has made me more thankful than ever for the spiritual foundation I have. Thank you very much for such a powerful song.

Daniel Strubhar

Landmark     Canada


Gladys Nielsen
Imported from old site

Good and nice picture of Paris!
  Manitoba   Canada


Al Baby Hot Rod
Imported from old site

An update for ya'all. I signed last time with my street name...Aldon Norhaugen...Talk to you soon Sean.

Thunder Bay   Ont   Canada


Reid Fontaine
Imported from old site

Hey hey hey!

Great site! Great band! Great Music! It's all great!

Winnipeg   MB   Canada


Imported from old site

St Agreve 2001 quel souvenir ! C'était vraiment génial ! A l'année prochaine j'espere !!
Pertuis (84)     france


florent dufour
Imported from old site

hello foster martin band
i've seen you in st agreve in france and I said you that i'm working in the biggest music store of france;
Furthermore i write the country musics columns for a web site (
and for a magazine ( jazz notes ).
more i work as a national radio sation where i make critics.
If you want that i talk about your band you can send me your albums:
florent dufour
930 avenue marcel merieux
69280 marcy l'etoile
thank you and sorry for all english mistakes... florent
marcy l'etoile     france


Martial Defrasne
Imported from old site

j' ai vraiment été conquis par votre prestation formidable de St Agrève et je vous remercie encore pour ces moments rares.
Vous êtes merveilleux.
Continuez encore longtemps et peut-être à bientôt dans votre joli Manitoba.
So long ! and thanks again !

Savigneux   Ain   france


Dan and Barb Deurbrouck
Imported from old site

We were so disappointed to miss your concert tonight at Taste of Manitoba. We couldn't find anything in the paper for the last several days or on the local entertainment listings that gave the time. Thankfully you have a web page; unfortunately we checked it too late. We'll keep watching for other concerts (and times) and look forward to hearing you. Hope you enjoy Europe.
Winnipeg   MB   Canada


Imported from old site

Hello. I am the second half of a songwriting team from NE Oklahoma.
We are looking for artists and bands who might be interested in using our music for their benefit. If you are interested please get in contact with us as soon as possible. You can see our site on the Net at:
On our site you can find mp3's lyrics/poetry and a special dedication page. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. Please sign the guestbook and let us know what you think.
Kyle Brown

  Oklahoma   US


Mia Kulba
Imported from old site

Hey you guys are great. Can I come sing back up for you one day???
Winnipeg   Manitoba   Canada


Kurtis James
Imported from old site

I've been meaning to stop in to Willy's for a darned if I can't find the place!
Winnipeg   Manitoba   Canada


Imported from old site




Marg Molinski
Imported from old site

I had a great time at CountryFest you guys were so awesome. I never get tired of seeing/hearing you play. I also agree with Jamie where are the pictures and phone numbers of the road crew?!!! Thanks again!!!! Have fun in Europe!
July 32001
Wpg   MB   Canada


John McKinnon
Imported from old site

Went to a Global Country Music night in
Edmonton on June 18/01 and heard a young lady from Edmonton sing one of your songs Wishin' Well.

Spruce Grove   Alberta   Canada


bob labossiere
Imported from old site

ray napster is a good thing. i wanted to know what the band sounded like and i'm glad i did will now get the albums
say hi to the family
richmond   bc   canada


John M. Richards
Imported from old site

The Best Band Out Of Canada You Have The Best Country Music
Warren     United States


Cory Noel
Imported from old site

Hey Guys! Bought the Backroads of Summer CD and was very impressed. I originally bought it for the Backroads single but I've fallen in love with others such as Missin' You. Found out that one of you has kids named Leah and David that are the step siblings of my girlfriend Jamey. Leah found the CD in my case and pointed that out. Keep up the good work and the awesome tunes!
Brandon   Manitoba   Canada


Imported from old site

Bought your 'RagTop" cd cuz I have a Chevy convert (not same as on the cover). Had never heard of the band and was surprised when I found out FMB is a Canadian band from Manitoba.
Good Music! U have a new fan


Cousin Nita
Imported from old site

hi ya........ noel just sent your site......will you be going back to merrit this summer....... a group from tofino go to Merrit every year.... so glad you were there..... so close

TOFINO   BC   Canada


Paul Bedard
Imported from old site

My dad is a fiddle player and sells his music from home. i know all his tapes are not all in the stores as well so i am asking this because i can't find your c.d's anywhere . do you do this as well? please respond. P.S i was chating with sean in febuary and he told me about your web site. cool way to go guys keep up the excellent work.

Selkirk   MB   CA


Donald Harris
Imported from old site

We saw you guys at Havelock last summer and we really enjoyed your show. Hope to see you back in Havelock soon!!

Jan 281
St. Hubert   PQ   Canada


lisa roberts
Imported from old site

You guys rock! I love when you send me new singles cause I know they'll blow me away and our listeners will love it and I can play the heck out of it ! I hope you'll always be inspired to make awesome music and you'll always send it to me and that you'll always be so cool. Great site. Take care-Lisa

Jan 22nd1
Yorkton   SK   CA


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