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LATEST SINGLE RELEASE - Cowboy's Last Ride (Feb 27th, 2014)

Cowboy's Last Ride was released on Feb 27th 2014 to select radio stations across Canada. The song is available on the latest CD "Just Wingin' It" but has been re-recorded for the new single. When you purchase the CD "Just Wingin' It" you will also be sent a link to download the single version of "Cowboy's Last Ride". 

If you would like to buy a copy of the latest single, it is available on iTunes and CD Baby, as well as many other popular digital distribution sites.


The Foster Martin Band returns to Dauphin Country Fest in 2014 for a mainstage show on
Thursday June 26th at 7:00PM. Other performers that evening include Michelle Wright and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

TOUR DATES - Last Updated Feb 5th, 2014
Check our tour page for the latest changes.


The latest CD from the Foster Martin Band is now available in our store. Samples are also available on our music page. The CD was started in late 2011 - with Craig Fotheringham at the controls. With Craig's passing early in 2012, Lyle Baldwin stepped up to finish the project. The CD contains many requested cover songs from the bands live shows. 


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Video Archives - Rockin' Rodeo

From the CD Ragtop Chevy released in 1996. This song is dedicated to the spirit of the rodeo cowboy... who lives for the minute and loves to make it last!



 Lyle Baldwin

 Ice is always worth a picture in France

 Lyle Baldwin and Ray Grenier

 Craig checks out the festival